GP (06 03 17)

it’s clearly a time of great change in social media but it’s also a moment of great opportunity


# 8/10 of top ten celebrities is not movie stars but are youtubers

# Kenyan olympian, Julius Yego, learnt how to throw a javelin from youtube. He won 2016 olympic silver.

# Obama’s first interview after his final state-of-union address wasn’t given to CNN but 3 youtubers instead.


# Trumps controversial speeches garnered a lot of attention before he states his point. Social media is very entrenched in our lives.

* why can trump be so successful???*

We are in the post-truth era. He played with people’s fears, which entertains people and also grabs their attention. His actions are out of the norm which americans like (they are baseline INSANE BUNCH OF PEOPLE)


Author: UM4IR4H

You know the girl who walks pass you on the street and you will just ignore and walk pass her? I may be that girl

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